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91 Canning Hwy East Fremantle WA
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Does Red Hot supply shirts?

We’re a one stop print and supply shop. For a wide range of garment choices, please visit our suppliers page.

Can I supply my own shirts?

If you want a garment we can’t supply, that’s not an issue. If it’s from our range of suppliers there may be a print surcharge. (a bit like corkage at a restaurant)

How do I get a quote?

Use our online quote form or email directly to info@redhotdesign.com.au. Our quote form asks all the questions that we need to give you a quote, and allows you to attach your artwork so we can be accurate with our pricing.

What does print quality artwork mean?

The best way to check if your art is print quality for us is to print it out at the size you want it on the shirt. If it looks good on paper it should be good for us. For those who know graphics then vector ( eps ) files are best. If you have a photo from a digital camera then generally look for an image around 1MB or bigger. We can work with a lot of images but there may be an art charge to make the file work.

How do I supply my artwork?

You can attach the file using our quote form and send it in that way. If you come to Red Hot , bring your art on a USB drive. We really don’t like Word or Powerpoint files as they’re not graphic friendly. If you supply us with art or photos on paper there will be a scanning fee.

What typefaces can I use?

There’s no limit on typefaces available. If you supply artwork in vector format please ensure type is converted to outlines. Also specify the name of the font if you send through type. A good resource for fonts is dafont.com.

How much for Red Hot to design for me?

We charge $120 per hour for design time. To save money make your brief as comprehensive as possible. The more info we have the cheaper it is for us to resolve your design.

What are set up costs?

With screen printing there is a film and screen required for every colour in the print. The film price is based on size and there is generally a $25 charge per colour to separate these colours from the image. On dark shirts there may also be a white base printed under the design which you won’t see. Without it you can end up with a dull print.

What’s the best material for printing?

If it’s a small print run with a full colour print, then it will be a digital print which is best on 100% cotton. If it’s a white shirt we have more options, including 100% polyester, Poly cotton blends, Cotton Elastane. For screenprinting and digital, the finer the weave of the cotton, the better the result. Look for combed cotton. Dark polyester is the most difficult to print as the fabric dye reacts with the ink under heat.

How large can I print my design?

Screenprinting maximum size is 420 x 550 mm Digital garment printing maximum size is 350 x 450 mm

Digital or Screenprint?

Digital is great for small quantities and customized shirts as there’s no print setup cost and no limit to colour. Screenprint is great for larger quantities and simpler, brighter images. Also works on a much broader range of materials and gets much cheaper with volume. Capable of special effects such as glitter, metallic, foil, bleach fluro colour and puff or high density. Setup costs for screen are a once only charge if the design is repeated in future.

Can I get samples for sizing?

We’re happy to provide samples for sizing etc. We do ask for c/c details as security should the garments not be returned in original condition.

How do I pay Red Hot Design?

We require a 50% deposit to start the process of your order. An invoice will be emailed to you upon quote confirmation. We accept Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Direct transfer or credit card payments. Please note that all credit cards attract a 1.5% surcharge. We do not accept AMEX.