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Perth’s Embroidered Shirts Artists

When you’re running a business, a great way of bringing a more professional look to you and your staff is a unified look. It will help you stand out against the crowd, and will make your business more memorable.

Stitching logos and designs onto garments is as popular as ever. The most common application for this is for smaller pocket logos on polo and business shirts as well as caps. An embroidered shirt or cap is a fantastic idea to bring your brand into your everyday operations. Whether it’s your logo or just the name of your business, people are sure to perceive you as trusted and established when you and your entire staff are all wearing the same branded clothing. The great thing about embroidered clothing is that it really does differentiate you from all of the other businesses out there. You can even give hats away to customers and friends to further promote your business in a wonderfully cost-effective way.

At Red Hot Design in Perth, we have a huge amount of experience designing and making embroidered shirts for our customers, so you know you can trust us to create something brilliant for you. We can supply a computer generated stitch preview, to take the guesswork out of your embroidery job. We’ve also got the means to make custom work shirts using digital t-shirt printing and screen printing methods, depending on how many you’re after.

Some things to note about embroidered shirts

All embroidery art has to be digitized for production. There are limits on the detail that can be reproduced, as you can probably understand. Most notably text smaller than 5mm high won’t reproduce. Large areas embroidered are not cost effective or comfortable to wear against the skin. Our minimum quantity for Embroidery is 30 pieces, and the maximum shirt embroidery size is 260mm x 240 mm while caps are up to 70 mm x 110mm

Chat to us today and get your work gear working for you

For more information about how we can help you in the embroidery department, whether you’re looking at getting shirts or caps done in Perth, give us a call today on (08) 9319 3333. Alternatively, you can always enter your enquiry to our online form or send us an email and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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