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Perth’s Supreme Custom Designed T-Shirts

There are so many reasons you want something unlike any other out there. One custom made t-shirt to rule them all. Maybe you own a business and want to increase brand recognition. Not only that, but if you include a call to action, that could even turn into leads! Or perhaps you have an awesome design in mind and want it made into a reality. Whatever the reason you have for wanting unique, custom printed t-shirts in Perth, we’ve most certainly got you covered.

There is a question that we are asked all the time – can you have a custom design shirt you took from the internet printed? To clear that up, we ask that you consider three things:

  1. Do you have copyright permission to turn it into a custom print shirt?
  2. Check how the ¬file looks when you zoom in to roughly how large you want it on at shirt. If it looks bad at that size, it is bad, and we therefore can’t use it without redrawing.
  3. If it looks good at shirt size, go to our digital custom printed t-shirts page for a small quantity or screen print page for a larger quantity.

If you don’t have any artwork, just let us know what shirt design you have in mind that we can work with, e.g. a sketch or copy of an old t-shirt, or even if you have nothing at all. Once we’ve got an accurate brief we’ll get you a quote made based on the time required to get your design proofed and print ready.

Have a chat with us first about your custom design shirts!

If you haven’t started your project yet, it’s a great idea to call Red Hot and discuss the
options for your particular job. You may be responsible for a team’s uniforms and are looking for a cost-effective way to get custom design shirts printed. Using this as an example, getting a beautiful multi-colour design could be too expensive to have made. Or the garments you have may not be suitable for the logo you have. It’s easier to avoid costly problems if you call first!

We charge design work time at $120 per hour, in minimums of 15 minutes. Both our designers
have years of screen and digital print experience, so we know exactly how to get good
results fast, and work hard to ensure your finished product is truly amazing. Feel free to take a look through our gallery for more ideas, too.

Got any questions?

We’re always happy to answer any further questions you may have – call us on (08) 9319 3333 or send us an email and we’ll respond ASAP. Our work stretches out to embroidery for items like custom work shirts, so speak with us today!

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